PageUp data breach, are companies in breach of law?

If PageUp data breach was in UK, does that make Australian businesses responsible for the breach?
This is considering if a business places data outside of Australia, they are deemed responsible for the data under Australian Law. So are all these businesses responsible for the PageUp data breach and have they satisfied their requirements and notifications under Australian Law?

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Finalist for Excellence in Cyber Security

We have recently been named a 2018 Finalist for Excellence in Cyber Security by FinTech Australia (Finnie Awards). Fintech is short for financial technology and is part of the worldwide innovation boom. FinTech Australia’s vision is to make Australia one of the world’s leading markets for FinTech Innovation.

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Education, Cyber Security and EduTech Conference

We will be speaking on Cyber Security at the EduTECH Conference on Friday, 8 June 2018 on the topic of “Top 3 cyber security network defences”. For our readers we have also secured a discount coupon for this leading Education and Technology conference.

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The Next AntiVirus

Antivirus has been the default method for providing computer security for decades. The question is should it continue or what is..

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Cyber Security is not Insurance

Let’s get it straight, Cyber Security (IT Security) is not the same as Insurance or sometimes named “Cyber Security Insurance”.

What is..

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Hacking the mobile phone plan

Mobile phones have been around longer than the internet so it is no surprise that they weren’t designed with the internet in mind. That..

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